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We did it all to unveil Sri Tapovan Mahima. He was ever established in his own Self and expressing it in his smile, in his looks, in his graciousness, in his study or teaching, in all his words. Whatever he did was only a glorification and the reflection of the Infinite Self in him. It is that Master who is your grandsire in this organization and we thought that there must at least be a symbol……and he is being now brought here to be present and be a witness—a Silent Witness, of what we are doing.

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How To Win . The Vedantic Viewpoint


CMW is pleased to announce and invite you to Chinmaya Mission's upcoming spiritual camps. CM camps are a wonderful way to introduce new Mission members to the beauty and vastness of the Chinmaya Family, to meet like-minded persons and share idea

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‘Krishnalaya’ was established by the spiritual Vedantic teacher, His Holiness Swami Chinmayananda (Pujya Gurudev), founder of Chinmaya Mission. Pujya Gurudev resided and conducted many spiritual retreats in Krishnalaya, and often compared it to the serenity and beauty of India’s sacred Himalayas.

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Chinmaya Mangalam is a beautiful, serene 143-acre wooded property with a large 14-acre lake. The property comes with a great deal of existing infrastructure, like a sports dome, commercial kitchen, dormitory facilities, playing fields and a lake house. The property is blessed with large natural and open areas.

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