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Chinmaya Mission Kissimmee® functions under the umbrella of Chinmaya Mission West (CMW), the parent body of Chinmaya Mission Centers in the US, and Central Chinmaya Mission Trust (CCMT), the apex body of Chinmaya Mission Centers worldwide
In December 2006, Madan and Urmilla, along with their son Suraj, accepted an invitation to attend the Chinmaya Mission Family Camp in Huston, Texas. It was their first contact with Chinmaya Mission and they were mesmerized by the logical and systematic approach to spirituality practiced at Chinmaya Mission. Pujya Swami Tejomayananda unveiled the gems scattered throughout the Vashita Yoga (the text covered at that camp) and lifetimes of wrong understanding and confusion spontaneously melted away.
At the camp, Madan and Urmilla met with several Achaaryas and many devotees and learned as much about Chinmaya Mission as they could. They asked questions, gathered information and clarified misunderstandings
Madan had one question for Guruji, “If only one in millions make it on this path, then why even bother to try.” In his simple and most loving style, Guruji replied “Because you could be that one  –  if you want to. All you have to do is step on the accelerator.”
With this rejuvenated spirit and newed enthusiasm, they returned home eager to share what they have learned. They immediately started Bala Vihar Classes for the Children and Youths and Study Groups for the Adults. Over the next few years, several CM Achaaryas came to Kissimmee to conduct Jnyaan Yagnas and spiritual camps. During those years, we operated as a satellite of CM Orlando, under the most loving care and guidance of Achaarya Shailaja Nadkarni. Ama continues to support and guide our activities at our center.
In 2012, Guruji gave his approval and we became incorporated as Chinmaya Mission Kissimmee®.  Guruji made his first visit to our Center in July 2014. He welcomed us into the CM family and named our center Chinmaya Sarveshwara.
With the continuous support and encouragement of the community, Madan and Urmilla registered in the Residential Vedanta Course offered by Swami Prakashananda in Trinidad. They successfully completed the program and continue to spearhead our operations in Kissimmee.

Dr. Shailaja Nadkarni and her husband, Dr. Shyam Nadkarni, had their first darshan of Pujya Gurudev Shri Swami Chinmayananda in Pittsburgh in August 1984 at the Geeta Gyana Yagna; they were inspired by the divine presence of Pujya Gurudev and during their first Bhiksha with Swamiji they asked how they can learn more about Bhagvad Geeta. Also their two young boys, Siddharth and Samir were with them and they wanted to know how the boys can be introduced to Hindu Culture and Religion.  Pujya Gurudev personally guided and instructed them how to teach young children and conduct Balavihar and instructed Shailaja ji to start study groups. In 1987 Chinmaya Mission of Orlando was started along with the Balavihar and study groups.

Swami Chinmayananda appointed Dr. Shyam Nadkarni, the President of Chinmaya Mission Orlando in 1989.  Chinmaya Mission property was acquired in Orlando, Florida and Chinmaya Mission “Tapovan” was inaugurated by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda in 1990.  Since Gurudev’s visit the Balavihar and Geeta study groups flourished and were conducted at a regular basis at “Tapovan”.
Shailaja ji had an opportunity to travel with Pujya Gurudev on his tour around Universities in U.S. and his visit to United Nations in 1991. In 1992 Shailaja ji accompanied Pujya Gurudev to Hong Kong and India.
During his stay at Orlando he appointed Shailaja ji as one of the Board of Directors of Chinmaya Mission West.  After Dr. Shyam departed from his worldly existence, Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda appointed Shailaja ji, the President of Chinmaya Mission Orlando.

At present Shailaja ji is conducting Balavihar, Geeta study and Vedanta classes at Chinmaya Mission Orlando at Kaivalya. She also conducts classes during weekdays on following subjects:  Vivekchoodamani, Daasbodh, Gnyaneshwari, Bhagvad Geeta and Vedanta. She recently spearheaded the expansion of the ashram that resulted in the expansion of the main Kaivalya hall and addition of many new classrooms. In addition to her responsibilities at Chinmaya Mission Orlando, she also oversees two Chinmaya Mission satellite centers in Daytona Beach and Kissimmee.

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