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That eternal Reality, Lord Badri, who is the very Substratum for the delusory superimposition of the entire false world of objects projected due to the ignorance of the Real, and yet, by whose Reality the false world seemingly looks Real. to that Lord Badri, my salutations.

The world is unreal because it is ever in a state of constant flux. That which is changeless alone can be the Eternal, the Real. The world of plurality, which in fact is not real (satattva shūṇyam) in itself, is superimposed upon that which is Real. Such delusory superimposition takes place only when the Real, which is the Substratum, is not comprehended. Due to the ignorance (ajñānataḥ) of the garland do we misunderstand it to be a serpent. Non-apprehension of Reality gives rise to many misapprehensions; on apprehending the Reality, the misapprehensions disappear. The superimposed delusory visions gather to themselves a seeming existence only because they borrow their reality from the Substratum.

From the standpoint of Reality, maya [illusion] does not exist. The rope, which is the substratum of the snake illusion, would firmly ascertain that the snake never did exist. Even a man who sees the rope wonders how a snake can ever be seen there. Similarly, having known oneself to be infinite Consciousness, the world ceases to be real. If I am infinite, why do I experience finitude? In reply, we ask whether this question is asked by one who knows oneself to be infinite or finite? If I know I am infinite, the question would not arise. If thinking myself to be finite, I ask the question, then the answer is: Know yourself to be the Infinite. Such inquiry is difficult for an unprepared and unguided mind.