Vedantha Sadhaka Course – Starts 15th October 2021

The  first ever Vedanta Sadhaka Course, will commence on Vijayadashami Day, that is 15 October 2021, at Chinmaya International Foundation, Kerala.

The Vedanta Sadhaka Course, which will be guided by Swami Advayananda and Swami Sharadananda and of which Pujya Swami Swaroopananda is the Mukhya Acharya, is a one-year residential programme in English, that has been designed especially for ardent seekers aged 33 to 65 years. It will involve in-depth study of Advaita Vedanta for Sadhakas, in an environment that is sacred and conducive.

Links to two promotional videos:

Video 1: Swami Swaroopananda introduces the Vedanta Sadhaka Course:

Video 2: Vedanta Sadhaka Course at Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF) :

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