Chinmaya Mission Princeton

Located in Cranbury, NJ in the midst of picturesque and peaceful farmland, the Chinmaya Vrindavan Ashram was established in June 2001 with the blessing of H.H. Swami Tejomayananda.

यस्य देवे परा भक्तिः यथा देवे तथा गुरौ | तस्यैते कथिता ह्यर्थाः प्रकाशन्ते महात्मनः |

प्रकाशन्ते महात्मन इति || श्वेताश्वतर उपनिषद् 6.23 ||

Swami Shantanandaji is well known for his unparalleled devotion to Lord Krishna and for his absolute devotion to his Guru, Swami Chinmayanandaji. Due to this unique qualification that Swamiji possesses, many devotees come to him from diverse backgrounds, cultures and geographies, and discover Self-knowledge through the study of major Upanishads, Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Ramacharit Manas, and Narayaneeyam (to name a few).
Swamiji served his Guru as a traveling secretary for two years and became sannyasin in 1992.  True to his devotion to his Guru, Swamiji himself traveled extensively, taught near and far, and has devotees in every part of the world.
As every devotee that has interacted with Swamiji knows, he is a member of everyone’s family, and everyone is a member of his Chinmaya family. Swamiji is an authority on the scriptures yet remains unassuming and easily approachable as he connects with people across generations, languages, and faiths. 
Swamiji was instrumental in building the Chinmaya Mission center in Hong Kong and many centers in the USA.  Swamiji is currently resident Acharya at the Chinmaya Mission Tri-State Center. He is also also the president of Chinmaya Mission West and oversees the activities of over 60 Mission centers in the USA and Canada.
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Deity: Shri Radha Krishna

Consecration Date: June 2001

Chinmaya Vrindavan
95 Cranbury Neck Road,
Cranbury, NJ 08512.
Ph: (609) 655-0404.

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Monday – Friday: 09.00am – 02:00pm and 5:30pm – 8:15pm
Saturday – Sundays: 08.30am – 08:30pm
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Address: 95 Cranbury Neck Rd. Cranbury, New Jersey 08512
Phone: (609) 655-1787
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Chinmaya Vrindavan
95 Cranbury Neck Road,
Cranbury, NJ 08512

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247 W Ramapo Ave,
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