Chinmaya Mission West - Hindu Chaplaincy for US Military

Chinmaya Mission West is authorized by the US Department of Defense as an Endorsing Agent to endorse Hindu chaplains for the US military. This includes anyone wishing to serve as a full-time chaplain in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, as well as VA hospitals, Homeland Security, and other such DoD organizations.

What is an Endorsing Agent?
An Endorsing agent is from a religious organization recognized by the Department of Defense to recommend men and women to serve in the military as chaplains. No person can serve as a military chaplain without the endorsement of a recognized religious organization.
The Endorser certifies that the chaplaincy applicant is qualified educationally, spiritually, psychologically, and morally, with experience to represent his/her religious organization as a Chaplain. The Endorser provides a legal document to the Dept of Defense to attest to this. Chinmaya Mission West is such an Endorser of Hindu chaplains, and is currently the only Hindu Endorser. [ ]

Why Chaplaincy in the US Military?
The US military values Chaplaincy work and wishes to have more Hindu Chaplains to serve the growing number of Hindus in the US military. Hinduism has a rich philosophy that will bring purpose and peace of mind to Hindus as well as those from any religion who are in the military.

Why Chinmaya Mission West?
Chinmaya Mission West supports Chaplaincy applicants from any and all Hindu Sampradayas (traditions). CMW will work with the applicant to ensure that his/her training meets the requirements of the Dept of Defense and provides a strong Hindu background to best serve people in need. Chinmaya Mission can provide full training in the Advaita Vedanta sampradaya. If the applicant is from a different tradition, we will work with the applicant’s existing Hindu tradition to ensure appropriate training within their sampradaya.
To speak to someone about your Chaplaincy aspirations, please email Vilasini Balakrishnan at