Temples and Shrines in USA

Deity : Sundar Krishna 

Consecration date – July 19, 2015 by the priest from Hindu Temple of Atlanta.
Location Address:
4980 Pittman Road, Cumming GA 30040
Temple Timing:
The Ashram is open for devotees to visit the temple anytime. There are no regular hours.
Temple Description:
Our Ashram was given the name ‘Chinmaya Gurukul’ by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda. He inaugurated the Ashram on Jun 23rd, 2015. Guruji chose the presiding deity to be ‘Sundar Krishna’.
Presently, the temple is part of the auditorium.

Temple Activities:

  • Poojas for all important occasions – Mahashivaratri, Ramanavami, Hanuman Jayanti, Gurudev
    Jayanti and Mahasamadhi Paduka Pooja, Adi Shankara Jayanthi, Guru Poornima,
    Janmashtmi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navaratri, Dashera Pooja, Laxmi Puja
  • Weekly Poojas on Wednesday
  • Weekly classes – Devi group, Satsangs.
  • Krishna Mela – Bala Vihar Annual program
  • Sampoorna Gita Chanting on Gita Jayanthi day.
  • Swaranjali – Classical music concerts on 3rd Sunday of each month.
  • Vanaprastha group Satsangs on 2nd Sunday of each month

Festivals Celebrated:

    Guru Poornima

  • Janmashtami.
  • Ganesh Utsav.
  • Navaratri and Dashera – with 9 days of Chanting & Pooja.
  • Diwali – with Annakoot and fireworks.
  • New Years Eve (Satsang/Vishnusahasranama Chanting)

Deity: Lord Shiva

Consecration Date : 29th July 2000
Chinmaya Avantika , 4760 Packard Road , Ann arbor – 48108 Michigan
Phone: +1-734-434 1740

Temple Description:
Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda presided over the murti installation ceremonies at the temple in August 2002. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva in meditation. A Shiva Lingam and Nandiji shower their blessings on the devotees.

Website: www.chinmaya-aa.org

Deity: Sri Ram Parivar

Consecration Date: July 25th-27th 2015 by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda
Location Address: 5511 Williams Rd Norcross, GA 30093
Temple Timing: Daily 6.30 PM to 7.30 PM (visits only by appointment)
Temple Description: Chinmaya Niketan is a beautiful ashram set on a 15 acre lot with Sri Ram Parivaar as its presiding deity. The ashram’s main sanctum, auxiliary building and house are nicely nestled within the backdrop of trees and greenery surrounded by a large field and basketball court for fun and activities.
Temple Activities:

  • Daily Ram Parivaar Puja.
  • Weekly Guru Paduka Puja, Masa Sivaratri Rudrabhishekham (monthly)
  • Monthly Sri Ram Parivar Abhishekham
  • Sunday Bala Vihar during regular school year
  • Weekly Adult study groups
  • 2-3 yagnas per year with visiting Swamijis
  • Summer Children’s camp
  • Labor Day Family camp with visiting Swamiji
  • Ravan Dahan and Food Mela
  • Bhagavad Gita Chanting Competition
  • Annual Food Drive during Thanksgiving
  • Spring Shoe Drive
  • Vedic Chanting classes
  • Swaranjali
  • Yoga classes
  • Regional Language Classes
  • Sanskritam Classes for Adults & Children

Festivals Celebrated:

  • Guru/Vyasa Purnima.
  • Rakshabandhanam.
  • India Independence day.
  • Ganesh Chaturthi.
  • Garbha & Golu set up during Navaratri.
  • Deepavali with Laxmi Puja, Annakoot & Fireworks.
  • Gita Jayanti
  • New Year Eve Satsang
  • India’s Republic Day
  • Mahashivaratri
  • Holi.
  • Sri Rama Navami with Laghu Kalyanam and Rama’s Birthday Bash for Bala Vihar Children.
  • Hanuman Jayanti
  • Gurudev Jayanti
  • Chinmaya Niketan Varshikotsavam with the Sri Sita Rama Kalyana to celebrate this Sri Ram Parivaar Pratishthapana (yearly 3rd weekend of July).

Web / Live  streaming Link: http://www.chinmaya-atlanta.com/
Chinmaya Niketan YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJhZ_5j1cdtuCgfg_MvhwWg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chinmayamissionatlanta/

Deity: Lord Siva, Lord Krishna , Mother Meenakshi

Consecration Date : 6/24/2014
Location Address:
Chinmaya Sundaram, 12825 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas 78727
Temple timing:
Temporarily closed due to COVID-19
Temple description:The Soma Sundareshwara Temple of Chinmaya Mission Austin
Temple activities:
Currently the Archana Broadcast is as follows:

  • Lord Siva – Monday at 7 PM
  • Lord Krishna – Thursday at 7 PM
  • Mother Meenakshi – Friday at 7 PM

Festivals celebrated:

  • Mahashivratri
  • Janmashtami
  • Navaratri-Devi
  • Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Diwali – Laxmipujan

Website: http://www.chinmayaaustin.org/temple.html

Live streaming: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIIgD-QCt3iYb6WLSa8ScQQ

Deity: Lord Krishna

Consecration Date : July 2006
Chinmaya Gokul, 1723 Country Breeze Pl, Bakersfield – 93312 CA
Temple Description:
Chinmaya Mission Bakersfield, named Chinmaya Gokul by Swami Tejomayananda was inaugurated in July 2006. The centre is spread over 10,000 sq ft. It is a very active centre. In the shrine is the most captivating marble idol of Lord Krishna, the Divine Flute Player with mother cow standing behind the Lord.

Deity: Lord Maruti

Consecration Date : 13th June 2003.
Location address:
Chinmaya Maruti, 1 Union Street, Andover, MA – 01810
Phone: +1-978-4702661
Website: http://srichinmayamaruti.org
Temple Timing:
9:30 AM – 12 Noon
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Note: During Covid-19, hours and attendance is restricted. Please call the temple
ahead of time.
Temple Description:
Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda presided over the idol installation ceremony of Lord Maruti (Hanuman) and his talks on Hanumanji were the highlights of the event. The 12,000 sq ft brick building is situated on a 2.5-acre lot with a beautiful wooded backyard that gently slides down to the flowing Shawsheen River.
An image of Lord Ganesha greets devotees, as do the life-size photos of Param Pujya Swami Tapovanam and Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda. A few steps below the lobby is the shrine where the main deity, Lord Hanuman resides with Rama Parivara made of pancha dhatu (five metals), a Shiva Linga and Nandi, and Pujya Gurudev’s padukas. Clear glass separates the sanctorum from the main hall.
The idol is made of white marble. Looking at Hanumanji’s most attractive face with a hint of a smile one is overcome with a feeling of peace and quiet. He instills all who worship him with fearlessness. Chinmaya Maruti has 24-carat gold leaf ornaments with gold trimmed beautifully coloured clothes and a pastel coloured garland. Hanumanji’s utsav murti, 2 ft high with hands folded and made of pancha dhatu is used for regular abhishek.
Daily worship and special pujas are performed in the shrine. Hanuman Abhishekam is on every Tuesday @ 7:00 pm and we celebrate lot of hindu festivals according to exact usa eastern time.

Temple Activities:
Hanuman Abhishekam every Tuesday at 7 PM,
Guru Paduka Puja every Thursday at 5:30 PM,
Sri Ram Parivar Abhishekam on every first Saturday at 6 PM
Navagraha Abhishekam on every second Saturday at 6 PM
Maha Vishnu Abhishekam on every third Saturday at 6 PM

Festivals Celebrated:
All Hindu festivals are celebrated throughout the year.

Deity: Lord Badri Narayana

Consecration Date : 24th Oct 1993
Chinmaya Mission Badri, 11 S 80 Route, 83Willowbrook, Chicago – 60527, Illinois.
Phone: +1-630-654 3370
Temple timing: Sundays 9 am to 3 pm.
Temple Description:
The sthapana mahotsava of the idol of Lord Badri Narayana took place on 24th October 1993, presided over by Swami Tejomayananda. On July 1 1993 Pujya Gurudev spent two hours at the Shrine location, even though in a wheelchair, giving detailed instructions for the upcoming inaugural function. The majestic Lord Narayana, in a sitting posture, graces the large satsang hall. The Lord blesses a number of spiritual and cultural activities at the centre.
Temple Activities :
∙ Shishu Vihar for 2 & 3 years old with a Parent Present on Sundays – 9 am – 10 am & 1 pm – 2 pm
∙ Bala Vihar for Pre-KG to 12th Graders on Sundays – 9 am – 11 am & 1 pm – 3 pm
∙ Adults Vedanta Study Groups on Sundays during our Bala Vihar Session
∙ Summer Youth Camp for Bala Vihar Children
∙ Chinmaya Yuva Kendra (CHYK) Activities (Ages – 18 – 28) – For College going and young adults – Bi-yearly CHYK Retreats
∙ Weekly Discourses by Swamiji (includes weekends/weekdays)
∙ Various other visiting Swamins/Brahmacharins Vedanta Discourses
∙ Monthly Lord Satya Narayana Puja coinciding Pouranami Days (our Calendar will have the schedule – https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=badriit22%40gmail.com&ctz=America%2FChicago
∙ Weekly Bhajan on Saturdays at our Shrine and 2nd Saturday day bhajans at the Devotee’s homes
∙ On request (advanced notice required) pujas for devotees to celebrate b’days/anniversaries, etc.
∙ Bi-Annual Gita Chanting Competitions and yearly Regional Competition involving all our Midwest Regional Satellite centers

Festivals celebrated: Maha Siva Ratri, Shri Rama Navami, Shri Krishna Jayanti, Lord Badri Murthi Sthapana Anniversary Puja, Holi, Deepavali, Shri Ganesh Chaturti, Shri Hanuman Jayanti, GuruDev Jayanti, Gurudev Mahasamadhi Worship, Mother’s Day Matru Puja, Gita Jayanti, Swami Tapovan Jayanti, Ganesh & Saraswathi Puja during our start of our Yearly activities (September beginning).

Web link, live streaming link: www.mychinmaya.org
Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/6883016826

Deity: Shri Radha Krishna.

Consecration date : August 28, 2008
Address: 30877 N. Fairfield Rd, Grayslake, IL – 60030
Temple timing : The center is open during Weekend Balavihar activities and Weekday discourses listed on the website. Currently everything is done online.
Temple description:
There is not a separate temple at our center. Chinmaya Mission Chicago- Yamunotri is a School of Vedantic Studies and includes a beautiful shrine for Shri Radha Krishna.
Temple activities : See Website; regular Bala Vihar, Sishu Vihar, JCHYK, Adult Study Group sessions (Saturdays AM Session:10:00 AM – 12:00 PM; Saturdays PM Session : 2:00 PM – 4 PM; Sundays 10 AM -12 PM); other special events, retreats, discourses, yagnas for Youth and Adults .
Festivals celebrated: We celebrate all major festivals; Deepavali, MahaSiva Raatri and Shri Rama Navami are celebrated on a larger scale as a combined event across all 3 sessions. See Calendar tab on the website for full details.
Web link, live streaming link:
Website: https://www.chinmaya-yamunotri.com/home
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2SfdwgLn7M27AFFWsPeTog

Diety: Lord Rama & Mother Sita

Consecration date : Dec 26, 1999 (Saaket) and May 8, 2010 (Chitrakoot)
Location Address:
Saaket: 17701 Davenport Rd, Dallas, TX 75252
Chitrakoot: 900 N. Belt Line Road, Irving, TX 75061
Temple Timing: Centers are open when Balavihar is in session.
Temple description:
Saaket: Our Vedantic learning center is a 12,000 square foot building with an inbuilt auditorium, 11 class rooms for conducting Balavihar classes and study groups, a residence for the acharya, library, and temple. Saaket literally means the abode of Lord Rama. Our center houses a temple with Lord Rama, Sitaji, Lakshmanji & Hanumanji as the main deities along with Lord Ganesha and Lord Siva. A unique highlight of Chinmaya Saaket is the beautiful stained glass Chinmaya Mission logo, which casts a soft orange glow on Pujya Gurudev’s picture in the foyer every morning.
Chitrakoot: Conveniently located in Irving TX, the Vedantic learning center is a 22,000 square foot building with an inbuilt auditorium, 24 class rooms for conducting Balavihar classes and study groups, library.
Temple activities: There are plenty of classes and activities to suit everyone’s needs. In addition to the Balavihar program, we also conduct cultural classes for the children such as, music, languages including Telugu, Malayalam Hindi, Gujarati classes, Slokathon and Gita chanting. Our Acharya conducts several classes during the week, as well as monthly jnana yajnas. We also celebrate all major festivals and events like Sivaratri, Ramanavami, Janmashtmi, Gurudev’s Jayanti and Aradhana.
Festivals celebrated: We also celebrate all major festivals and events like Sivaratri, Ramanavami, Janmashtmi, Gurudev’s Jayanti and Aradhana.
Web link, live streaming link: https://www.youtube.com/user/cmdfw

Diety: Lord Shiva

Consecration Date : 19th December 2007.
Chinmaya Prabha, 10353 Synott Road Sugar Land,
Houston – 77478, Texas
Phone: +1-281-568-1690
Website: www.saumyakasi.org
Temple Description:
This 4,000 sq ft house of worship became an integral part of Chinmaya Mission Houston’s existing 43,000 sq ft facility in December 2007 when Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda inaugurated the temple. The multitudes flocked with devotion as Lord Siva was enshrined in Sri Saumyakasi Sivalaya amidst great pomp and ceremony. This new temple was reverberating with the sounds of chanting and bhajans during the week long inaugural festivities that began on 16th December and concluded on 22nd December. It was Swami Chinmayananda’s vision to have a Siva temple erected on the Chinmaya Prabha premises in Houston. The uniqueness of the temple is that it is a synthesis of two areas, the structure that houses the idols, and the courtyard from which one can view the temple and the deities within. The shrine has a contemporary design. It is a glass structure sitting on a concrete pedestal that rises from a body of water. The statue of Siva is seated 13 feet above the ground. A Shivalinga on the top adds a crowning touch to the monument. The courtyard extends the tranquil ambiance felt within the sanctum sanctorum. Walls on either sides create the feeling of a room open to the skies. Covered walkways furnished with benches flank the beautiful garden. While Sri Saumyakasi Sivalaya is a Siva temple, it is home to Rama, Sita, Radha, Krishna, and Ganesha as well. The temple will benefit the community for many generations to come. It will help foster the Mission to continue to teach and reinforce spiritual and cultural values, to spread the knowledge of Vedanta and Hindu scriptures, and to conduct spiritual and cultural programs that interest all members of the community. Devotees are able to perform ceremonies for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Children are taught how to do Puja and devotees are able to learn the significance of Puja and the Vedantic viewpoint behind different rituals.

Diety: Lord Krishna

Consecration Date : 24th August 1994
Chinmaya Mission Flint
6499 Calkins Road
Flint – 48532 , Michigan , USA
Phone: +1-810-230 2430
Temple Description:
Swami Chinmayananda inaugurated the centre on 20th July 1990. On 24 th August 1994 Swami Tejomayananda installed the idol of Lord Krishna in the extension that was added to the building. The Divine Flute Bearer attracts devotees from far and wide.

Deity: Kasi Vishwanatha

Consecration Date : Consecration date – The first temple known as Kasi was inagurated by Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji in January 1996; second temple Mithila, in June 2005 by guruji. Both got merged in January 2010 and became Rameshwaram.
Location Address:
Chinmaya Mission Los Angeles, 14451 Franklin Ave. Tustin, CA 92780
Phone: +1-714-832 7669
Temple Timing: https://chinmayala.org/location/ (facilities are currently closed to public due to COVID-19 restrictions)
Temple Description :Lord Shiva, Lord Rama Parivar, Lord Ganesha, Sri Adi Shanakaracharya, Pujya Gurudev. Kasi symbolically indicates the brilliance and splendour of Consciousness that shines in the dawn of spiritual wisdom. The Shiva Linga was consecrated on 19th February 1996, by Swami Chidananda. The idol of Lord Shiva was installed on 4th August 1996 by Pujya Swami Tejomayananda. Daily pujas along with cultural, spiritual and educational activities are conducted here. Shivaratri celebrations attract large crowds.
Temple activities:Daily puja for all deities. Special weekly Shiva puja (Mondays), Devi puja (Tuesdays) Rama puja (Fridays). Visit website www.chinmayala.org for timing details and list of other events.
Festivals celebrated : Mahashivaratri, Sri Rama Navami with Nav-din-parayan, Holi, India Fest (cultural festival of states), Gurudev’s Jayanti, Janamashtami, Bathukamma, Navaratri- Golu, Raas & Garba and Diwali/Gujarati New Year
Web link: www.chinmayala.org
Live Streaming Link: www.youtube.com/c/chinmayalachannel

Deity: Lord Ganapathi

Consecration date: May 2002
Location Address:
West: 12575 County Rd 43, Chaska, MN 55318
East: East Ridge High School, 4200 Pioneer Drive, Woodbury, MN55129
Temple timing:
West- Chaska: Sundays 10:00AM to 12:30PM.
East – Woodbury: Sundays 2:00PM to 4:30PM.
Temple Description:
Twin Cities Chinmaya Mission (CMTC) – Chinmaya Ganapathi. The Twin Cities Center was officially formed in May 2002. However interested individuals and families had been carrying out activities for 4-5 years prior.
Currently there are over 150 families actively involved in various activities.
Temple activities:

    • BalaVihar and ShishuVihar classes.
    • Language classes.
    • Music Classes – Swaranjali and Hindustani Classical Vocal classes.
    • Adult Study Groups and classes.
    • Jnana Yajnas (Discourses).
    • Vedic Chanting Classes.
    • Summer Family retreat.
    • Workshop and Seminars.

Festivals celebrated:Maha Shivarathri, Sri Rama Navami, Sri Hanuman Jayanti, Holi, Sri Guru Purnima, Janmashtami, Sri Ganesh Chaturthi, Navarathri, Gita Jayanti, Diwali, Sri Gurudev Jayanti and many more.

Web link, live streaming link:

Deity: Shri Radha Krishna

Consecration Date: June 2001
Chinmaya Vrindavan
95 Cranbury Neck Road,
Cranbury, NJ 08512.
Ph: (609) 655-0404.
Temple Timing:
Monday – Friday: 09.00am – 02:00pm and 5:30pm – 8:15pm
Saturday – Sundays: 08.30am – 08:30pm
Web link:
Live streaming link:

Diety: Lord Shiva

Consecration Date : 30th November 1992
Chinmaya Mission Philadelphia
560 Bridgetown Pike
Langhorne – 19053, Pennsylvania , USA
Phone: +1-215-396 0390
Temple Description:
In November 1992, Pujya Gurudev presided over the installation of Lord Kedar at the Langhorne ashram. Lord Kedar is an unusual representation of Lord Shiva. His expression is of the moment after he has risen from meditation and had his bath after a thousand years in Samadhi. Radiating Truth, He is joyfully and peacefully blessing the Rishis and celestial beings who have assembled to witness His glory. Apart from regular observances of Hindu festivals, Aarti, worship on important dates, Bala Vihar and Study Group classes are regularly held.

Diety: Lord Shiva

Consecration Date : July 18th, 1999.
Location address:
1221 Chinmaya Way,
Casselberry, FL, USA 32707
Phone: +1-407-699 7331
Temple Timing:
Sundays from 9AM to 1PM and Mondays from 6.30PM to 8.30PM and other Special days with festivals and any Observances.
Temple description:
Chinmaya Mission of Orlando serves the Orlando and its neighboring communities by teaching eternal values to children and imparting the knowledge of the Scriptures to people.
Gurudev blessed the centre at Orlando and named it ‘Tapovan’. He guided Chinmaya Mission Orlando’s devotees on the future installation of the murti of Lord Shiva as Lord Jagadeeshwara, who presides over the temple in Sandeepany Sadhanalaya Mumbai. In the holy presence of Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda, the murti sthapana and prana pratishtha were performed at the outset of the new millennium, in a new building named Kaivalya.
Temple activities:

  • Balavihar (Children Philosophy and Language classes)
  • Sishuvihar
  • Geeta Study groups
  • Philosophy classes for Adult
  • Sanskrit classes
  • Indian Classical dance (Bharatanatyam)
  • Instrument classes (Mrudangam)
  • Arts classes.

Festivals celebrated:
Diwali / Lakshmi Pooja,Mahashivaratri,Holi,Hanuman Jayanti,Rama Navami,Navaratri, mainly Lakshmi puja and Durgashtami
And Gurudev Jayanti, Guru Purnima and Mahasamdhi observance

Web link,live streaming link:

Deity: Lord Ananda Krishna

Consecration Date: June 7, 2015.
Our Murti of Lord Ananda Krishna was consecrated on June 7, 2015. The center was inaugurated by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda on June 23, 2015. The murti and the center were both named by Pujya Guruji.
Temple Timing:
Open during the school year on Sundays from 8 am to 1 pm. In the evenings for special events, details on web site calendar.
Location Address:
Chinmaya Triveni, Chinmaya Mission Sacramento
3231 Ramos Circle, Sacramento, CA 95827.
Web link:
Temple Description:
Chinmaya Triveni is a 12, 000 square foot building located in a business park. It houses a shrine for Lord Ananda Krishna. It has a hall, a small stage, thirteen classrooms, a small library, an office and bookstore, a kitchen, and a dining area. The walls in the hall have a beautiful and unique border design
depicting scenes from the Ramayana and Bhagavatam, and Pujya Gurudev’s OM signature. Chinmaya Mission Sacramento serves the greater Sacramento region, and is conveniently located off highway 50.
Temple Activities:
Bala Vihar
Shishu Vihar
Adult study groups
Bhajan Sandhya
Bhagavad Gita Chanting
Language classes – Hindi, Malayalam, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu
Kamba Ramayanam classes
Jnana Yajnas
Summer Bala Vihar Day Camps
Community Service
Festivals Celebrated:
Shri Krishna Janmashtami
Navaratri Golu
New Year
Gita Jayanti
Pujas for Guru Purnima, Chinmaya Aradhana, Saraswati Puja,
New Year’s Day, Shankara Jayanti, Chinmaya Jayanti

Deity: Lord Jagdeeshwara

Consecration Date : 2nd April 1988
The inauguration of the sanctuary took place on April 2, 1988 by Swami Chinmayananda at earlier location at Park Ave, San Jose, CA. The inauguration at the new ashram location at Clayton Road, San Jose was on June 8, 2014.
Location Address:
10160 Clayton Road, San Jose, CA 95127
Temple Description:
The mandir at Chinmaya Sandeepany has Lord Jagdeeshwara, presiding deity. This Murti was created by sculptors from Jaipur according to Pujya Gurudev’s instructions. All major festivals are observed at Chinmaya Sandeepany.
Temple Activities:
Major festivals are celebrated at Chinmaya Sandeepany throughout the year, with pujas conducted by Pandit Ravichandran. Some of the festivals celebrated are  Maha Shivaratri, Swami Chinmayananda’s Jayanti,  Sri Ramanavami, Krishna Janmashtami, Guru Purnima, Navaratri, Deepavali, Geeta Jayanti and Tapovanam Day. On the second Monday of every month, Shiva Abhisheka and puja are conducted. These Pujas are open to public.  (During the pandemic and current shelter-in-place requirements, we are not having any in-person
Pujas nor any live streaming. Currently Br. Soham Chaitanya is performing shodasha-upachara-puja on the festival days.
Festivals Celebrated:
1. Makara Shankranthi – Ayyappa Puja – January
2. Maha Sivarathri – Usually in Feb/March
3. Sri Ramanavami – Usually  in March/April
4. Sri Aadi Sankara Jayanthi – Usually in April/May
5. Sri HH Pujya Gurudev Jayanthi –  May 8th
6. Sri Vyasa Puja (Guru Poornima) – Usually in July
7. Pujya Gurudev's Aradhana – August 3rd
8. Sri Krishna Janmashtami – usually in August
9. Sri Ganesha Chaturthi – usually in August/Sept
10. Samasthi Lalitha Sahasranaama Archana for Navaratri – usually in Sept/Oct
11. Laksmi/Kubera Puja for Deepvalli – Usually in Oct/Nov
12. Samashti children's Deepavalli Puja – usually in Oct/Nov
13. Skanda Shasti – Usually in Nov
14. Gita Jayanti/Tapovan Jayanti – Usually in Nov
15. Maha Perivaar Aradhana Puja – usually in Dec/Jan
16. Samashti New Year Vishnu Sahasranaama Archana – Dec. 31

Deity: Bhagavati Radha & Bhagavan Krishna.

Consecration Date: August 22, 2010
Location Address:
Chinmaya Dhara at 5743 Valley Way, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, L2E 1X7
Temple Timing:
Wednesdays – 07.00p-09.00p
Thursdays 07.00p-09.00p
Sundays 09.00a-12.00p
Temple Description: Bhagavati Radha & Bhagavan Krishna.
Temple Activities: Aarti on Sunday mornings
Festivals Celebrated: Mahashivaratri / Holi / Guru Purnima / Krishna Jayanti / Dipavali
Web link, Live streaming Link: chinmayaniagara.org

Deity: Shri Radha Krishna

Consecration Date:
August 29th, 2010, Presided by Pūjya Guruji Swāmī Tejomayānandaji
Location Address:
Swami Chinmayananda Dr, Calcutta Rd. #1 Macbean, Couva,
Trinidad, West Indies.
Temple Timing:
5:00am Pūjā
5:30pm Evening Āratī
Temple Description:
The Radha-Krishna Mandir in Chinmmaya Mission Trinidad & Tobago has a very special history.
Pūjya Gurudev Swāmi Chinmayānandaji visited Trinidad on three separate occasions between 1965-67. During Gurudev’s visits, He stayed at the home of the Avatar Family, invited by the father of that Home, Dr. Avatar.
Many years subsequently, when it came time to build the Chinmaya Mission Trinidad & Tobago Āśrama, the Mission was allocated a portion of land via the Government in Central Trinidad – Couva region. The Location was chosen, marked and construction underway. It then came to light that, unbeknownst to the Mission, the home in which Pūjya Gurudev stayed during His visits to the island, was only two houses down from the Āśrama location!
The Avatar family, in memory of their father and the love he had for the vision of Pūjya Gurudev, donated the Rādhā-Krishna Mūrtis which are now enshrined in the Temple. The beauty of Rādhā and Bhagavān Śrī Kṛśṇa, blessed by our beloved Pūjya Gurudev, reside in the Temple and bring auspiciousness to all.
Temple Activities:
There is daily morning Pūjā and evening Ārati, as well as Monthly Abhiṣekam performed at the temple by our Pūjārī, as well as Pūjās for many of the special festivals are observed here in the Temple.
Special events like Weddings and other personal family functions are also held in the Temple. It is open to all visitors.
Festivals Celebrated:
Krishna Janmāṣṭami
Guru Pūrṇima
Tulidāsa Jayanti
Hanumān Jayanti
Web Link:www.chinmayatt.com