Bala Vihar®

Bala Vihar® is a group of children, meeting once a week, at a set venue, for 60-90 minutes, for the sole purpose of learning our precious culture, spiritual wisdom, and related values through stories, games, quizzes, crafts, bhajans, hymns, shlokas, skits, dances, etc.
Bala Vihar inculcates the values of Sanatana Dharma, as taught in our scriptures-Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta, Upanishads, Epics and Puranas-helping us to grow into responsible citizens of tomorrow.
Bala Vihar classes for various age groups are conducted by trained sevaks and sevikas. These voluntary dedicated workers impart to children, the glory of our rich culture, aiming at character formation and reverence for our ancient heritage. Additional activities that help to reinforce the vision of Bala Vihar include cultural shows, Geeta chanting competition, and Bala Vihar residential or day camps.

Bala Vihar® Curriculum
TopicGrade Level
One God, Many Forms; We Can, We Must!Pre-K
Alphabet Safari - a safari of values Kindergarten
Bala Ramayana Grade 1
Sri Hanuman, the Super Superman!Grade 2
Bala BhagavatamGrade 3
Krishna Krishna Everywhere & My 24 GurusGrade 4
Symbolism in Hinduism Grade 5
India, the Sacred LandGrade 6
P.O. Box Mr. God & Keys to SuccessGrade 7
Yato Dharmah Tato Jayah! (Where there is Dharma, there is Victory)Grade 8
Hindu CultureGrade 9
DROP – Dependency, Regret, Obsession, Pessimism;
Yuva Govindam
Grade 10
Youth: Keeping the Balance;
Selected excerpts from the Bhagavad Gita
Grade 11 & 12