Chinmaya International Foundation

Started on 06/24/2024
Chinmaya International Foundation

Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF) is the Academia of Sanskrit Research and Indology, the academic and research wing of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide. CIF is housed in the maternal birth home of the saint and Advaita philosopher Shri Adi Shankaracharya, in Kerala – a 2000 year old heritage site. Swami Chinmayananda visualised the need to preserve the neglected branches of Indian knowledge – Ancient Mathematics, Vyakarana (grammar) and various sciences so as to bring out the essence of Indian culture and the wisdom hidden in the world’s oldest language – Sanskrit. Vision statement of CIF:

Chinmaya International Foundation stands as a bridge between past and present, East and West, science and spirituality, and pundit and public.

Adi Sankara Nilayam,
Veliyanad Ernakulam District
Kerala, India – 682 319
Office: +91-484-2747307,
Director: +91-9567761194

CIF aims to establish a centre of excellence for the study, research and dissemination of knowledge in the areas of Indian philosophy, culture, art and science, business management, both modern and ancient. As a part of its objectives, CIF conducts in-house research as well as collaborative research. It assists scholars and research analysts.

Enable serious study and knowledge assimilation of Indological studies through –

1. Provision of University approved research guides and assistants for doctoral studies
2. Holding of seminars, workshops and conventions
3. Organizing in-house camps for intensive studies for students of all nationalities
4. Developing new educational material both in-house and through collaboration with other institutes
5. Conduct in-house research as well as collaborative research in Indological studies, identification of research projects and transfer of knowledge and technologies acquired there from to other institutions and organizations in India and the world over.
6. Assist scholars and research analysts with scholarships and aid, boarding and lodging facilities.

1. Anusaaraka: An important research project undertaken by CIF is the development of a computer software Anusaaraka, with concepts based on the Ashtadhyayi, a Sanskrit Grammar work of Panini which is at least 2500 years old. This software will allow the high-quality translation of English text into Hindi. Anusaaraka is being developed collaboratively with University of Hyderabad (Department of Sanskrit Studies), and International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H).
2. Preservation of ancient Manuscripts: All ancient palm leaf and paper manuscripts that come to CIF’s attention are preserved, maintained, digitised and decoded. The scholars retrieve the content and publish them for the benefit of academia and society in general.
3. Academic Workshops: Conducts lectures, workshops, courses and retreats on various schools of Indian Philosophy, Science, Astrology, Yoga, Sanskrit, Indology (the study of language, culture, history of India), by inviting international experts for knowledge sharing.
4. Publications: In order to ensure that the knowledge that lies in manuscripts, theses or research papers reaches the audience it is meant for, CIF publishes books, magazines and journals in Sanskrit and English on various topics ranging from Philosophy, Sanskrit and Indology to Sciences.
5. Home Study Courses: Chinmaya International Foundation offers well-structured, introductory and advanced level courses on Indian Philosophy, specializing in Advaita Vedanta. It also offers courses on the Bhagavad-gita, Sanskrit and Vedic Maths. In addition there is a unique self-development programme, based on the wisdom of the scriptures called ‘Make it Happen’ CIF has around 15,000 students from all over the world doing the courses at any point of the time. For details on courses, visit the Courses section.
6. PhD. and Doctoral Programmes: CIF is a recognised Centre for Doctoral Studies with a library of more than 20,000 rare books and a team of research guides that enable students to undertake valid research. Currently there are 20 students pursuing doctoral studies.

The campus allows for a social and solitary environment that is conducive to development and personal enrichment.

• As Centre of Excellence (Shodha Sansthan) in Sanskrit Research by Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan
• As Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SIRO) by Department of Industrial and Scientific Research (DSIR)
• By AYUSH – Health and Welfare Department, Government of India for digitising medical manuscripts
• Research and Resource Centre by Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala

Future Vision To establish a University of Sanskrit and Indology, a Centre of Excellence for Indian sciences – Ayurveda, Arthashastra, Ganita Shastra and so on; offering online/residential programmes both nationally and internationally.

CIF houses a well-equipped library with over 20,000 titles in various languages. CIF is recognised as an approved centre for doctoral studies in Sanskrit and Indology by Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala and Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi. Students seeking to pursue doctoral studies through CIF are suitably assisted by a University approved guide.

To reach out to the world, CIF’s website is constantly updated. Like-minded people often share thoughts and ideas on the discussion forum at In this day and age of social media, CIF has marked its presence on Facebook with three active pages dedicated to CIF, Bhagavad Gita Course and Vedic Mathematics Course each. CIF also marks its presence on the micro-blogging site Twitter with Twitter handle CIF tweets. CIF’s videos can be viewed on

CIF’s publications in Sanskrit and English are available for Indian and overseas buyers through its online shopping site:

Since inception, the research work, workshops and so on, have increased incrementally. CIF has grown exponentially. Current infrastructure is not in line with the increased demand for programmes at the national and international levels. Accordingly, infrastructure for technology, conveniences, reference libraries, living quarters, modern communication methods are required so that people can focus on enriching research and development. This project, called “Project CIF” is estimated at 20 Crores (USD 4.2 M) to be completed by May 8th 2015.

Present Progress: Started in 2009, Phase I has been completed; this includes a Residential Complex with facilities for 400 people at a cost of INR 9 Crore.

Work yet to be completed: Phase II
• International Convention Centre with a seating capacity of 750 with latest audio-visual facilities.
• Manuscriptology Department with specialised preservation facilities
• Research and Resource Centre
• Administrative Centre
• Information and Communication – well equipped for video-conferencing, dedicated web channel, worldwide connectivity and a publication, audio-video sales outlet.
• Catering and dining facilities

Request: Project CIF is wholly dependent on voluntary contributions from individuals, corporates, trusts and foundations. We beseech your support in enabling us to complete Phase II.